Salvatore Lab

Location and Contact Information

177 Fort Washington Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

Research in the Salvatore lab is focused primarily on pulmonary fibrosis, studying the patterns of fibrosis and the rate of change on chest CT over time. We are developing a radiologic tool to differentiate the most common types of fibrosis on imaging to assist in making the best multidisciplinary diagnosis. We have described a visual change in bronchial angles that is associated with nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis pattern on CT, and we are working to provide a computer analysis of the bronchial angles to facilitate the correct diagnosis. Currently, we are investigating how lung cancer in fibrosis is different than lung cancer occurring in emphysema, which may require modification of screening techniques to diagnose early cancer. We are incorporating artificial intelligence tools to analyze not only the radiology but also the pathology. 

Concurrently we are investigating fibrosis across organ systems and its overlap. Breast stroma composed of collagen contributes to breast density on mammography and is associated with increased risk for breast cancer. We will take what we have learned about lung fibrosis on chest CT and apply to breast density on chest CT and its relationship with breast cancer.


Lab Members

Select Publications

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