Division of Breast Imaging

The Division of Breast Imaging is dedicated to bringing high-quality screening and diagnosis of breast cancer to our patient population and providing compassionate expertise in the care of patients who face this potentially life-altering diagnosis.


Our breast imaging staff radiologists work at the Irving Pavilion 10th floor breast imaging center on Fort Washington Avenue, interpreting screening mammograms performed at the Avon Center on St. Nicholas Avenue and both screening and diagnostic mammograms performed at the Irving Pavilion location. Over 23,000 mammograms are interpreted by our radiologists per year from these two imaging sites. Additionally, breast ultrasound exams and breast MRI studies are performed at Irving Pavilion for supplemental screening and diagnostic purposes. Our breast imaging radiologists also perform minimally invasive interventional needle biopsy procedures when findings are detected on mammograms, breast ultrasounds, or breast MRI exams.


Radiologists in the Division of Breast Imaging teach clinical skills and breast imaging expertise to fellows in the Breast Imaging Fellowship and residents in the radiology department.


Under the direction of Dr. Ha, the Division of Breast Imaging has embarked on many research projects involving breast MRI topics, including the association of background parenchymal enhancement and breast cancer, the use of breast MRI in the pre-operative breast cancer patient, and the association of breast cancer genotypes and extent of disease on MRI exams.