MRI Center at the Neurological Institute


MRI Center at the Neurological Institute
710 West 168 Street
Basement Level
New York, NY, NY 10032
United States

The Columbia Radiology MRI Center at the Neurological Institute offers the Columbia research community access to state-of-the-art imaging on General Electric (GE) 3T Premier systems. We have four GE 3T Premier scanners, with one dedicated system for research in collaboration with the Department of Radiology and GE.

Research during staffed hours—Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.—may be scheduled through iLab. Off-hours are available by request.


GE 3T premier system specifications:

  • Super G Gradients - Gradient Amplitude 80mT/m,  Gradient Slew Rate 200T/m/s
  • Multi Drive RF Transmit
  • Software RX27
  • Research prototype pulse sequences for Multiband DTI for Connectome, UTE (Ultrashort TE), QSM (quantitative susceptibility mapping), 3D PCVIPR for 4Dflow, EPI-MIX and multiple GE work-in-progress sequence installed on the scanners for research purposes. For MR research collaborations and prototype research protocols support, installation, phantom scanning etc. please email Sachin Jambawalikar and Stephen Dashnaw.
  • All standard and advanced pulse sequence options and applications for: neuro applications, cardiac applications, musculoskeletal applications, and body applications
  • Coils: All scanners have all commercially available coils for imaging.  This includes 48 channel head coil, 30 channel AIR Blanket coil, 60 channel posterior table imbedded coil.
  • Equipped to synchronize visual stimulus with a rear projection, audio stimulus and physiological data (EKG, peripheral pulse, respiration).
  • Multiple stimulus response systems: button response, trackball, and joystick.

Steps for Initiating and Scheduling a Human MRI Research Protocol

Step 1: Request a cost estimate using our online form. For more information about cost estimates, visit the cost estimate process page.

Step 2: Go to iLab, “Columbia University MRI Center (MRI) Core” to initiate a study and provide all requested documents.

Step 3: One month prior to the start of the study, email the Director of Imaging Services to schedule a start-up meeting.  The email should contain the IRB #, the PI name, the approved IRB protocol, the imaging guidelines or manual, and the chart string of the grant that will pay for the scan time.

Step 4: Schedule in iLab to secure scanner time. Please Note: You must also place an order in EPIC.  Visit our Scheduling Instructions page for scheduling procedures. 

MRI Center Team