Nuclear Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Fellowship

The Nuclear Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Fellowship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center provides comprehensive training in diagnostic nuclear imaging, PET/CT, and radiopharmaceutical therapies. The fellowship is composed of rotations primarily on nuclear medicine and PET/CT, with blocks allocated to electives, research, and nuclear cardiology.

The Division of Nuclear Medicine performs a wide variety of pediatric and adult nuclear medicine examinations. Fellows will be exposed to a diverse, interesting, and complex array of pathology, as well as to the most up-to-date nuclear medicine imaging techniques and instrumentation, including SPECT and SPECT/CT.

The Columbia University PET Center serves patients, referring clinicians, and scientists through clinical exams and research endeavors. Our clinical PET service offers FDG PET/CT for both oncological and neurological indications, NaF PET/CT for prostate cancer, and Amyvid for Alzheimer’s disease. Fellows obtain experience and mastery of PET/CT interpretation, imaging protocols and acquisition, and processing. Working collaboratively with physicians at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, fellows are exposed to the diagnosis, staging, treatment response, and management of a broad range of cancers—from common cancers such as lung and breast to uncommon cancers such as mesothelioma, GIST, and sarcomas.

As part of a growing radiotherapy and theranostics program, fellows receive training in I-131 therapy for benign and malignant thyroid disease, Radium for prostate cancer, Zevalin for lymphoma, I-131 MIBG for pheochromocytomas, and other novel therapies. Our fellows actively participate in the consultations, dose selection and discussion, and therapy administration.

Our faculty members are dedicated to advancing the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging through clinical and basic science research. Research interests among the faculty are diverse, including hybrid parathyroid SPECT/4D CT parathyroid imaging, red blood cell storage, and tagged RBC scanning with CT angiography for gastrointestinal bleeding. Fellows are encouraged to participate in ongoing research or establish their own projects under the mentorship of the faculty.

With on-site cyclotrons, full-time staff radiochemists and radiopharmacists, and daily radiopharmaceutical productions, fellows will have the opportunity to augment their existing experience and knowledge of radiopharmaceutical production, quality control, and practical applications of radiation safety and medical health physics.

Application Information

We are currently seeking applicants for the 2023-2024 academic year. Some applicants will be chosen for admission interviews, which are required before acceptance.


Please contact:

Mikhail Doubrovin, MD
Fellowship Director