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Helping Medical Professionals in Under-Resourced Communities Become Independent Diagnosticians

The Department of Radiology is deeply committed to educating and empowering under-resourced medical populations worldwide, helping them to provide the best diagnostic care possible using available resources and technology. Faculty and residents from the department travel regularly to hospitals around the world to provide educational and personnel support. 

More than half our residents participate in global health activities at some time during their residency.

We partner with international radiology organizations—including RAD-AID, Partners in Health, and the American College of Radiology Foundation—and engage in projects that range in scope from week-long visits to provide radiology education and support, to long-term involvement with program and curriculum development. 

Where We Work

Areas of Focus

Faculty and residents in the department have developed partnerships with and provided extended radiology support for multiple hospitals in Guyana, Haiti, and Liberia.

Current Projects

  • On-site support for the Radiology Residency Program at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Georgetown, Guyana.
  • Bi-monthly virtual conferences provided for radiology residents at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Georgetown, Guyana.
  • Development of a radiology technology school in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, affiliated with the State University of Haiti. 

Past Projects

  • Curriculum and program development for a new radiology residency at the State University of Haiti Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 
  • Education for surgical, medicine, pediatric, and ob/gyn teams at multiple hospitals in Liberia, on the use of radiographs for diagnosis, ultrasound-guided intravenous line placement, and portable ultrasound.
  • Breast cancer screening conference at the State University of Haiti Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 
  • Virtual lecture program for residents at the State University of Haiti Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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