Medical Records

Access Your Images Online

Exams performed from February, 2020, to present day are available through the Connect patient portal

  • Select “View Radiology Images” from the menu.
  • A new web browser window will open to display a list of your exams with options to view, download, or share.
  • To access older exams online, please email medical records with the name of the facility where you had the exam in the subject line. We will push them into your Connect patient portal. 

Request a CD of Your Images

To obtain a copy of your radiology medical records, you or your representative must download and fill out a written authorization to release medical information, and fax, email, or send it to the location where you had your exam. 

1. Fill Out An Authorization to Disclose Medical Information

Forms can be downloaded as a fillable PDF but must include a signature of the patient/representative.

Please indicate whether you are requesting radiology reports, images, or both. For radiology reports only, specify the date of service (date you had the exam) as well as the type of exam. This can be indicated on the release form where it asks to specify information to be released. If you require images as well, then check off "CD".

2. Fax, Mail, or Email Form to the Medical Records Department

Once you have completed the release form it can be faxed, emailed, or mailed back to the medical records department of the location where your exam was conducted.

3. Pick up or Receive Records By Fax

  • Pickup: If you would like to pick up your record, write "self" on the release form where it states "Name or Address to Whom This Information Will be Sent", and then in parentheses state “pickup” and the date you are picking up the record. Please note that for same-day pickups we require the release form to be completed in advance. For pickup of records, proper identification is required (photo I.D/driver’s license). If someone else is picking up on your behalf, please ensure that his or her name is on the release form and that they have proper identification with them. The hours of operation for picking up records are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Fax: If you want a report faxed please indicate the name and fax number on the release form of the person to whom you want the report faxed to.

Radiology does not provide reports/images in the following formats: email, DVD, or flashdrive.

Medical Records FAQ

Can I request copies of my child’s radiology reports?

Parents and guardians of minors (under the age of 18) can request copies of their child’s record and sign the authorization. However, in New York State, if a minor receives services obtained without their parents’ or guardian’s consent (medical services related to treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, pregnancy and pregnancy services, sexual assault, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, and outpatient mental health treatment and counseling), those specific records will not be released to the parent or guardian unless the minor consents. For questions about this specific rule, please contact the Privacy Officer at or 212-305-7315.

What are the methods for delivery of records?

If you want records sent to your address, please indicate the full address on the release form where it states name and address of person to whom this
information is sent. All records are sent via USPS. Delivery time can take seven to 10 business days, depending upon your location.

We provide UPS next-day service for a fee of $10.00. Payment to ship records via UPS can be made over the phone. Please contact our medical records department if you would like your records sent out next-day via UPS. 

How long does it usually take to obtain copies my radiology records?

The turnaround time to fulfill medical record request is normally seven to 10 days. If you have an urgent request for an upcoming appointment please contact our office directly so that we can expedite your request. Please note that records from more than six years ago may be stored offsite, which may extend the time to complete your request.

Who can I contact if I have questions about radiology medical records requests?

Contact the specific medical records office, all information listed above.

How will I receive copies of my radiology records?

Radiology images are available on CDs only. If you require pathology slides please contact the pathology department at 212-305-6719. Please note that Radiology does not have pathology slide capability.