EPIC Interventional Radiology Order Guide

As we move to Epic, the process for referring patients to Interventional Radiology will change slightly.  Many of the orders that you and your teams are used to placing will be different.

To request a procedure there are now several “consult” orders. When these requests are placed, they will automatically go to a queue for review by an interventional radiologist. Our goal is to review these requests the day they are placed and get them in a queue to be scheduled. You will no longer need to call or email to notify us that you have placed an outpatient request. If the request is of an urgent nature, a phone call will help expedite the work up. 

Step 1: While in an encounter, click on ADD ORDER

(If you are not in an encounter, you will need to create a new "orders only" encounter. See the Epic Orders Only Radiology Order Guide for help.)

A text box will appear when you click ADD ORDER.

Step 2: Enter Your Order, Then Select Your Procedure

To request an interventional radiology procedure:

  • Type "IR CONSULT" into the text box and press enter to go to the next screen. Then select the appropriate procedure.

If you would like your patient to be seen by a radiologist in advance of a procedure:

  • Type "IR CONSULT" into the text box to request an in-person inpatient consultation for a patient. Press enter to go to the next screen. Then select "IR Consult-internal".
  • Type "AMB REFERRAL" into the text box to request an in-person outpatient consultation for a patient. Press enter to go to the next screen. Then select "AMB Referral to Interventional Radiology".

PLEASE NOTE: Consultation requests should be used for complex procedures (TIPS, transarterial chemoembolization, etc.), complex patients, or patients that need more TLC. 

Step 3: Enter Order Details

a. Select status. Until February 1st, you must select "Future" to place an order. After February 1st Epic go live, leave this field at "Normal".
b. Enter reason for exam: You can click the magnifying glass to search, or enter free text. PLEASE ENTER AS MUCH CLINICAL INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE IN APPROPRIATE FIELDS.
c. Does the patient need an anesthesiologist or general anesthesia? If yes, then fill out appropriate anesthesia information.
d. Dx assocation- Type in diagnosis (example: benign prostate hyperplasia) and hit enter, then select from the list that pops up.

Scroll down for additional fields where you can add scheduling instructions, check-out comments, and physicians.

Click "Accept" at bottom right when finished

Step 4:  Sign Your Order

Step 5: Confirm your order

Click on "Chart Review".  Click on "Imaging". Your order will appear on the list.


For additional assistance or questions please feel free to contact

EpicTogether Application Support Team
Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Saturday, 7 a.m. – Noon

Radiologist Access Line

Milstein Hospital (24/7): 646-636-6666 (in-house dial 636-6666)
51st Street/Tarrytown: 212-326-8518