Our Team

PET Center Team

  • Mark Soffing, PharmD, MBA, MS, BCNP

    • Associate Director, Patient Safety and Regulatory Affairs 
  • Mikhail Doubrovin, MD

    • Associate Professor of Radiology at CUMC
  • Kathleen M Capaccione, MD, PHD

    • Assistant Professor of Radiology at CUMC
  • Shunichi Oya, PhD

    • Radiochemist   
  • Nikunj Bhatt, PhD 

    • Radiochemist

    Dr. Nikunj Bhatt received his PhD in chemistry from The M. S. University of Baroda, India. He received his postdoctoral research experience under the guidance of Professor Yoo, Kyungpook National University School of Medicine (2012-2014), South Korea, and Professor Wadas, Wake Forest University School of Medicine (2015-2018), USA. He joined Kreitchman PET Center at Columbia University Medical Center in 2018 as Postdoctoral Research Scientist. He has experience in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, and radiopharmaceuticals.  

    Dr. Bhatt was involved in the synthesis and development of several new and promising chelating agents for metal-based radio isotopes. His main expertise with the radiolabeling of proteins with metal-based diagnostics and therapeutics radioisotopes—especially with 89Zr, 64Cu, 68Ga, 225Ac and 177Lu. This includes conjugation of bifunctional chelator to proteins (peptide, antibody, nanoparticles, etc.) purification, characterization, radiolabeling, and ex vivo/in vivo stability study. He also has hands-on experience with the radiolabeling of proteins with 131/124I and Al-18F. Dr. Bhatt is currently leading the Columbia University radio metal program and is an active team member of production and quality control. He is also actively engaged with the development of a new quality control method for selective radio tracers and the development of new preclinical PET imaging agents.

  • Andrei Molotkov, MD, PhD

    • Lead Scientist, Molecular Biology and Preclinical Imaging
  • Alessandra Ali, PhD

    • Associate Research Scientist
  • Angel Perez

    • Director, Cyclotron Engineering
  • John Castrillon

    • Preclinical Technician, Molecular Biology and Preclinical Imaging; Production Technician

     John completed his bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and biochemistry at Rutgers University. He began working with radioactive antibodies at the Garden State Cancer Center before moving on to the radioligand development labs at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Here, John conducted radiopharmaceutical binding studies in the brain cells of rodents and primates to characterize and determine the radioligand’s pharmacokinetic potential. When he first came to the Kreitchman PET Center, John worked on radiolabeling tracers and the development of metabolite analysis for research and human use. 

  • Sidney Idumonyi

    • Lead Production Specialist

    Sidney began his career in PET with Siemens Molecular Imaging (2011) where he received training in performing complex production and quality control functions. His experience includes the setup, operation, routine checks and maintenance of all manufacturing equipment, which includes cyclotrons, chemistry modules and quality control apparatuses. His core competency encompasses all stages of biomarker production including biomarker dispensing, chemistry unit synthesis, cyclotron bombardment, QC product testing, equipment maintenance, and reagents preparation. After joining the Kreitchman PET Center in 2014, Sidney has played an active role in all routine logistical functions in both the production and research of PET tracers.