Research Services

The Columbia University PET Center provides investigators with the equipment, radiopharmaceuticals, and personnel to design and conduct research studies using positron emission tomography. The PET Center is a cGMP/FDA registered PET drug manufacturer. 


  • Cell Studies 
  • Western blots 
  • Design and radiosynthesis of PET tracers using nucleides [13N], [15O] targets and dual targets for [11C] and [18F]F- isotope productions 
  • Chemical, manufacturing, and control (CMC) generation 
  • Pre-clinical data generation including rodent (mice and rats) microPET scans, rodent microCT scans 
  • Preclinical studies using non-human primate PET/CT scans (client provides primates) 
  • Metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies  
  • Biodistribution studies with OLINIDA modeling 
  • PET/CT and diagnostic CT human research scans 
  • Validation and regulatory submission of compound for human use 

Imaging Equipment

For more information about our imaging equipment, visit our facilities and equipment page. 

  • Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT 
  • Siemens Preclinical Inveon PET/SPECT/CT 
  • Invion MicroPET scanner 
  • MILabs VECTor (OI/CT) optical imaging system 

Steps for Initiating a Human PET Research Protocol 

Protocol Development 

Step 1: Consult with a PET Center faculty member to discuss your research ideas to determine the potential impact PET imaging will have on your unique research project and the feasibility of collaboration. 

Step 2: Draft a research protocol and follow our recommendations to facilitate the protocol review/approval processes. 

Step 3: Be sure investigators and research staff complete required HIPAA and MRRC training prior to protocol start date. 

Protocol Initiation 

Step 4: Request a cost estimate using our online form.  

Step 5: Once you have received your cost estimate, submit study to the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) through RASCAL

Step 6: Once you have received IRB approval you must enter your study into iLab

Step 7: You will be contacted by the PET Center to schedule a protocol initiation meeting.  The process for scheduling scans will be covered in this meeting. Visit our scheduling instructions page for more information about scheduling scans.

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