Conferences and Grand Rounds


  • Daily didactic and case-based conferences occur every morning (7:45 to 8:30 AM) and midday (12:30 to 1:30 PM) and focus on various topics led by subspecialty attendings.
  • Various section specific conferences occur on rotation. Examples include daily half-hour noontime case conferences in the body division and hour-long case-based teaching sessions in the pediatric division.
  • Weekly and monthly multidisciplinary conferences expose residents to the importance of collaboration between the radiologists and clinicians for comprehensive patient care. Examples include Internal Medicine/Radiology and Emergency Medicine/Radiology case conferences, set up in a morning report format with an initial history and physical assessment followed by the medical work up which includes radiology. The case discussion is led by residents in both departments. This endeavor also creates a closer relationship between departments and residencies. 

Journal Club

Led by residents and an attending radiologist, residents meet once a month to discuss the most recent radiology literature and how it may effect practice moving forward. Residents are taught how to critically read and evaluate scientific papers and interpret statistical data for future projects.

Chief of Service

Residents give 30 minute presentations each year to their fellow residents on a topic of choice related to radiology. The resident is guided by a faculty member advisor to develop the presentation. Topics can range from didactic lectures to highlighting latest research endeavors. These presentations are done during 12:30 resident conference and are attended by both residents and faculty.

Missed Case Conference

Residents share challenging cases in a collaborative environment with a focus on teaching points.

First-year Friday

Led by an attending radiologist, first-year residents meet weekly on Friday mornings to review pertinent topics in a case-based format, using the textbook Core Radiology as a guide.

Radiology Physics

Residents have weekly lectures from the medical physics faculty on various topics of radiology physics.

Board Review

As part of the daily resident conferences, there are case-based conferences led by various faculty members within each subspecialty of radiology, including physics and radiation safety review. All third-year residents attend the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) conference and are provided an $1,800 stipend as well as full funding for application fees. Residents are allowed time and funding to attend additional review courses such as the Huda Physics review course and various one-week review courses across the country (Duke, UCSF, UCSD). In addition, we have a variety of outside guest speakers who give case-based teaching sessions to the residents throughout the year.

Grand Rounds

From October through April, weekly grand rounds feature prominent speakers from institutions across the country including radiologists, research scientists, and business leaders who focus on the latest developments in basic research, clinical interpretation, and leadership.