The 3D Lab built an orbital model and led us through an innovative project assessing orbital tumor volumes.  This is a tremendous resource and we will continue to partner with them because of their outstanding work!

Andrea A. Tooley, MD, Department of Ophthalmology

Clinical Services 

We offer qualitative and quantitative post-processing analysis of CT, MR, PET, and NR exams performed at all ColumbiaDoctors and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital locations with no added demand on a patient's time. 


  • Circle of Willis
  • Head and neck stenosis analysis 
  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
  • CT and MR perfusion
  • fMRI mapping and analysis


  • TAVR measurements 
  • Coronary artery analysis
  • Bypass graft patency
  • Calcium and plaque analysis
  • Functional ejection fraction
  • Myocardial analysis 
  • MR cardiac and 4D flow
  • Pulmonary vein/artery mapping 


  • Renal donor workup 
  • Liver donors (pre and post) 
  • Virtual colonography analysis 
  • Volumes/segmentation for surgery planning/resection/Y90 treatment
  • Renal artery stenosis 


  • Bony structure visualization for trauma and preoperative planning 

Vascular Surgery and Planning

  • Vascular visualization and measurements (thoracic, abdominal, extremities) 
  • Aneurysm analysis and measurements
  • Stenosis analysis and measurements
  • Plaque visualization 


  • Airways segmentation and emphysema analysis 
  • Lung nodule volumetrics and tracking 
  • Virtual bronchoscopy 
  • Aneurysm/dissection analysis and measurements 

Nuclear Medicine

  • SPECT/CT parathyroid visualization


  • Volume tracking and reporting (including RECIST, WHO, CHESON, etc.)

Other Services  

We create educational tools and clinical 3D prints to help radiologists and clinicians with surgical planning, patient care, and publications such as articles and poster presentations.   

3D Printing

  • 3D modeling: generation of object files for 3D printing and research/prototype applications 

Medical Illustration and Graphic Design

  • Medical illustrations for poster presentations and abstract submissions
  • 3D generation of images or movies for presentation or publication

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