The 3D Lab built an orbital model and led us through an innovative project assessing orbital tumor volumes.  This is a tremendous resource and we will continue to partner with them because of their outstanding work!

Andrea A. Tooley, MD, Department of Ophthalmology

Clinical Services 

We offer qualitative and quantitative post-processing analysis of CT, MR, PET, and NR exams performed at all ColumbiaDoctors and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital locations with no added demand on a patient's time. 


  • Circle of Willis
  • Head and neck stenosis analysis 
  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
  • CT and MR perfusion
  • fMRI mapping and analysis


  • TAVR measurements 
  • Coronary artery analysis
  • Bypass graft patency
  • Calcium and plaque analysis
  • Functional ejection fraction
  • Myocardial analysis 
  • MR cardiac and 4D flow
  • Pulmonary vein/artery mapping 


  • Renal donor workup 
  • Liver donors (pre and post) 
  • Virtual colonography analysis 
  • Volumes/segmentation for surgery planning/resection/Y90 treatment
  • Renal artery stenosis 


  • Bony structure visualization for trauma and preoperative planning 

Vascular Surgery and Planning

  • Vascular visualization and measurements (thoracic, abdominal, extremities) 
  • Aneurysm analysis and measurements
  • Stenosis analysis and measurements
  • Plaque visualization 


  • Airways segmentation and emphysema analysis 
  • Lung nodule volumetrics and tracking 
  • Virtual bronchoscopy 
  • Aneurysm/dissection analysis and measurements 

Nuclear Medicine

  • SPECT/CT parathyroid visualization


  • Volume tracking and reporting (including RECIST, WHO, CHESON, etc.)

Other Services  

We create educational tools to help radiologists and clinicians with presentations, publications, and posters.   

Medical Illustration and Graphic Design

  • Medical illustrations for poster presentations and abstract submissions
  • 3D generation of images or movies for presentation or publication

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