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The 3D Lab at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) is a cutting-edge post-processing lab providing the latest advanced quantitative and qualitative imaging.  We offer advanced imaging support to all clinicians and clinical care areas including, but not limited to, liver and renal donors, abdominal aortic aneurysms (pre- and post-operative), musculoskeletal fractures, neuro-perfusion, and stroke evaluation. 

3D imaging provides benefits to clinicians, referring physicians, and patients by creating anatomical visualizations from cross-sectional exams that are comprehensive and easy to read. 3D images can:  

  • Reduce radiologist reading times  
  • Help with diagnosis, treatment, and surgical planning 
  • Help with communicating and educating patients 
  • Allow for image manipulation for visualization of complex anatomy and structures 
  • Help detect lung nodules and colon polyps 
  • Support research 

Partnering Across CUIMC

We work closely with physicians from multiple departments and centers who use our services for preoperative planning, creation of educational aids for resident/fellow training, data manipulation such as creating 4D cardiac cycle movies for presentations, software support and training on our 3D systems, and on-the-fly post-processing support for clinical consults with radiologists. 

Equipment and Software 

We use the latest post-processing technology across multiple vendors including AI-developed tools such as Arterys for cardiac MR flow analysis.  We partner with vendors to test beta versions of software so we can provide input for new and existing applications. 

  • Philips portal  
  • GE AW server 
  • Tera Recon server 
  • Vital Images server 
  • Invivo Dynasuite Neuro 
  • Invivo DynaCAD breast/prostate/lung servers 
  • Circle CVI 
  • Arterys 
  • EDDA 
  • 3Mensio 

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