Our faculty is dedicated to providing residents and fellows with a comprehensive educational experience. Many faculty members are leaders in their specialties, as evidenced by their large body of publications and frequent presence at national and international conferences. Residents interested in a particular subspecialty have many opportunities to work closely with our faculty on a variety of research projects, with the goal of presenting at conferences and publishing.

Curriculum Overview

First Year: PGY-2 

Transitioning from intern year to the first year of residency is a unique experience, one that can take some time to get used to. We have tailored the PGY-2 to address the challenges that face our new residents as they learn the ins and outs of diagnostic radiology. All first-year radiology resident call is on a ‘buddy system’ with a senior resident present. All first-year residents attend a ‘Radiology Boot Camp’ at the beginning of the year to familiarize themselves with workflow and the basics of image interpretation. In addition to daily conference, first-year education is supplemented by First Year Friday Reviews, which are weekly Friday morning sessions with an attending radiologist reviewing cases on a pertinent topic using the textbook Core Radiology as a guide.

Second Year: PGY-3

PGY-3 residents take independent, overnight weekend call. Senior residents have a more advanced curriculum, including PET/CT, cardiac imaging, and MRI/vascular imaging. Research rotations are also scheduled to allow residents to continue scholarly projects, many of which have resulted in publications and presentations at national conferences.

Third Year: PGY-4

With the ABR Core Examination now scheduled to be taken by residents at the end of the third year of radiology training, our PGY-4 schedule reflects this new timeline. All PGY-4 residents attend the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) four-week course in Silver Spring, MD, either in the fall (September) or late winter/early spring (February/March). PGY-4 residents also attend the Huda Physics course and have the option to attend one of several week-long radiology review courses (Duke, UCSF, UCSD) in the spring.

Fourth-Year: PGY-5 

The PGY-5 year provides residents with an opportunity to spend more time in a discipline of their choosing via mini-fellowships and research.