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Diagnostic Radiology: 212-326-8518

Interventional Radiology: 212-326-8874

Our radiologists read scans for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  You can make an appointment at a hospital-based location by calling: 

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Diagnostic Radiology: 212-305-9729 
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Interventional Radiology: 212-305-7094 
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital: 212-305-3320 
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital: 212-932-4161 
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital: 914-787-5008 

Schedule a Consultation

Our radiologists are experts in their field. They can help you determine the most effective imaging modality for your patient or consult regarding a specific imaging interpretation.

To schedule a consultation, please call 646-636-6666 or view our radiologists.

    Access Patient Results

    For ColumbiaDoctors health care providers, results are easily available through a variety of web based modalities. All radiologic exams that have been reviewed and finalized will have a report in all of these areas:

    For physicians who work outside ColumbiaDoctors:

    If there is a report that is not yet available, and you require immediate attention, please contact the radiologist directly and we will be happy to provide the information for which you are looking.

    Request 3D and Advanced Processing Services

    The 3D Lab works within the Department of Radiology to provide clinical imaging post-processing services for radiologists as well as clinicians aiding in patient care. We have processed thousands of cases, including but not limited to pre-surgical planning measurements for renal and liver donors, TAVR, aneursym stent planning, and visualization of fractures and bones for musculoskeletal exams.

    Visit the 3D Lab