Laurent Dercle, MD, PhD

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Dr. Laurent Dercle, MD, PhD, is an associate research scientist in the Department of Radiology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Dr. Dercle earned his medical degree at Paris XI University. He obtained board certification in nuclear medicine after completing a residency in Toulouse University Hospital. He specialized in cancer imaging at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris, where he was an assistant attending. He completed a PhD in oncology on artificial intelligence-driven extraction of information from medical images to guide clinical decision making in cancer patients treated with immunotherapy.

Since joining the Department of Radiology in 2016, Dr. Dercle’s research has been focused on applying artificial intelligence to improve the care of cancer patients. He published several papers on novel imaging biomarkers to predict tumor sensitivity to systemic therapies, guide cancer treatment decisions, and improve patients’ survival.

Academic Appointments

  • Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Radiology


  • Male

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • MD, University of Paris-Saclay
  • MS, Physics and signal processing, University of Toulouse
  • PhD, Gustave Roussy, University of Paris-Saclay

Honors & Awards

2019 Radiology Editor’s Recognition Award: reviewing with distinction, Radiological Society of North America

2018 Fellow Research Prize, Radiological Society of North America

2018 PEPS Award, French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

2018 French Tech Innovation Grant, French Public Investment Bank

2017 Fellow Research Prize, Radiological Society of North America

2017 Research grant, Nuovo-Soldadi Foundation

2016 Research grant, ARC Foundation

2015 Course of Excellence in Oncology, Philanthropia Foundation

2015 Travel Award for Young Investigators in Molecular Imaging, Radiological Society of North America

2015 Gold Medal Award, Toulouse University


Dr. Dercle’s translational research focuses on how non-invasive quantitative imaging biomarkers can be used to guide treatment decision and improve patients’ outcome. He studies precision medicine approaches driven by artificial intelligence in the fields of oncology, immunotherapy, and cancer imaging. He is conducting research on the applications of machine-learning and radiomics in the Computational Image Analysis Laboratory, including evaluation of how spatial and temporal changes in tumor imaging phenotypes can provide early prediction of tumor sensitivity to systemic therapies, guide treatment decisions, and forecast survival.

Selected Publications

  1. Dercle, L., Fronheiser, M., Lu, L., Du, S., Hayes, W., Leung, D.K., Roy, A., Wilkerson, J., Guo, P., Fojo, A.T., Schwartz, L.H., & Zhao B. (2020). Identification of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Sensitive to Systemic Cancer Therapies Using Radiomics.Clinical Cancer Research
  2. Dercle, L., Lu, L., Schwartz, L. H., Qian, M., Tejpar, S., Eggleton, P., Zhao, B., & Piessevaux, H. (2020). Radiomics Response Signature for Identification of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Sensitive to Therapies Targeting EGFR Pathway. Journal of the National Cancer Institute
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