Cost Estimate Process

Online PET Center Request Form (beta), This replaces cost estimate forms below

Radiology Cost Estimate Request

Prior to IRB approval, cost estimates need to be finalized for all radiology resources. There are two versions of the Radiology Cost Estimate request form:


Study has Standard of Care (SOC) radiological procedures for an indication for which the radiological procedure is FDA approved. This form is utilized for SOC procedures performed in NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) Radiology (multiple locations at NYPH) and Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) Radiology (MRI Center at Neurology Institute Basement, and the PET Center). Rad Cost Estimate Request SOC or NYP
Study requires radiological procedures for an indication other than one for which there is FDA approval, purely for research purposes, or requires the use of an experimental tracer. Radiology Cost Estimate Form AOT
  • Complete intake and cost estimate tabs of the form and submit the form to: &
  • Provide a copy of protocol, research plan, and imaging manual with this submission. Identify the protocol page numbers pertaining to the radiology procedures.
  • The radiology team will then review the protocol and submission with the appropriate technical directors and email back the form with radiology costs.
  • The study team will be requested to review the intake and cost estimate tabs with the PI and dept. administrator, both of whom will need to sign the intake and cost estimate tabs.
  • The scanned form should be sent back to the radiology personnel, along with the radiology budget and justification for review.


For NIH/Foundation studies that require RASCAL-PT approval from Radiology

  • Please allow sufficient time for review of the cost estimate form and documents.
  • At the time of cost estimate submission, and initial budget review, please submit the cost estimate form for review as above. Once the cost estimate has been finalized, the radiology budget and justification will need to be sent to the radiology personnel who finalized the cost estimate. You will also need to add radiology department approvers onto your RASCAL-PT:
  • for CUIMC radiology department approval: please add Irina Mitsengendler (Uni: im24)
  • for NYP radiology department approval: please add Michelle Perez (Uni: amp2218)

Prior to the start of the study

When funding is approved, approximately one month prior to first subject scan, please contact the appropriate technical directors/contacts of the radiological centers for a start-up meeting with the following information:

  • IRB #, PI name, protocol, imaging guidelines or manual, IRB approval, JRSC packet and approval, chart string
  • Review of the imaging guidelines and protocol by the research protocols have to be built into the scanner by the radiologist.

Please note

  • A cost estimate when finalized is only valid for one sponsor/grant. In the event that there is a change in sponsor, funding source, or grant submission, the cost estimate will have to be re-submitted and finalized with the Department of Radiology.
  • The cost estimate is only valid for the procedures to be done as per the protocol provided for review at the time of the CER request. A change in protocol would require an amended cost estimate.


Please email with any questions.