New Ambulatory Radiology Scheduling Guidelines

Non-urgent exams will be rescheduled for after April 27, 2020

To Radiology Referring Community, Administrators, and Practice Managers,

Please rest assured as we transition to a reduced patient schedule, outpatient radiology remains open for all urgent and emergent imaging. The Department of Radiology will be following established guidelines in rescheduling all non-urgent visits for the next six weeks.

The following process will be implemented:

  • A radiologist will review the outpatient schedule to determine if an exam is non-urgent or non-emergent.
  •  If a patient or referring physician has provided a compelling medical reason that the radiology appointment should occur, an appointment will be scheduled.
  • Based on the radiologist’s guidance, the call center agents will reach out to every patient to communicate and reschedule the non-urgent appointments.
  • Simultaneously, the scheduling agent will send a secure chat within Epic to the referring physician. There will also be a note placed in the appointment section of the patient’s chart. If the physician is not in Epic, a phone call will be made to the referring physician’s office.

Appointments will be rescheduled six weeks out beginning Monday April 27, 2020 (date subject to change).

We greatly appreciate your ongoing collaboration and we will work with you through this challenging situation.


Lawrence Schwartz, MD
James Picker Professor of Radiology
Chair, Department of Radiology