Radiology Residents Recognized at 2016 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Convention

February 1, 2017

Five residents from the Department of Radiology were awarded recognition for their educational exhibits and presentations at the 2016 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Convention. Held at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, the annual RSNA Convention is one of the largest medical meetings in the world, bringing together radiologists, medical physicists, and other medical professionals from the more than 54,000 member organization to interact, explore, and discuss innovations and advances in the field of radiology. The honored participants were:

Dr. Joseph Stember received a Certificate of Merit for Educational Exhibit for his exhibit entitled "Multimodality Imaging of Parathyroid Disease Using Parathyroid 4D CT and Sestamibi SPECT/CT: What the Radiologist Nee ds to Know" (Yeh, R; Stember, J; Coronel, E; Lee, J; Kazam, E).

Dr. Carl Kraus was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Educational Exhibit and Invitation for Radiographics Online Resources Publication for his article "Imaging of Juvenile Pre-Arthritic Hip Conditions and Their Long T erm Evolution" (Kraus, C; Ayyala, R; Kazam, J; Wong, T).

Dr. Dana Lin earned a Certificate of Merit for Educational Exhibit for her article "A Review of Athletic Pubalgia: Synthesis at the Pubic Symphysis" (Lin, Dana J; Wong, Tony T; Kazam, Jonathan K). Dr. Lin was also invited to contribute to Manuscript for Radiographics with her article "Adventures and Misadventures in Plastic Surgery and S oft Tissue Implants" (Lin, D; Wong, T; Ciavarra, G; Kazam, J).

Dr. Sarah Goodman was the recipient of an RSNA Resident Travel Award, delivering her oral presentation " Are Mammographically Occult Additional Tumors Identified More Than 2cm Away From the Primary Breast Cancer on MR I Clinically Significant?" (Goodman, SZ; Friedlander, L; Mango, V; Desperito, E; Wynn, R; Ha, R).

Dr. Jonathan Maffie was presented with the RSNA Prince Research Grant for his project " Anatomical Covariance of Fetal Brain Regions as a Tool to Identify Early Developmental Pathology o f Intrinsic Brain Networks."