Abdominal Imaging Fellowship


Our one-year, non-ACGME accredited abdominal imaging fellowship is designed to maximize our fellows’ educational experience by exposing them to a wide variety of advanced imaging studies and pathologies encountered in the tertiary care setting of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) and Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). Fellows are well-prepared to become adept and successful in the academic and private practice settings. The abdominal imaging fellowship is composed of both inpatient and outpatient studies on MR, CT, and ultrasound, and elective rotations with an emphasis on advanced techniques such as MR elastography, MR prostate imaging, MR defecography, MR rectal cancer staging and post-treatment studies, MR and CT liver donor transplant evaluation, MR evaluations of pregnant patients and the fetus, CT colonography, and ultrasound evaluation of percutaneous AV fistula creation.

Our one year fellowship currently accepts up to five abdominal imaging fellowship positions per academic year. Four of the fellowship positions are dedicated to the abdominal imaging fellowship, while the fifth spot is designated for a candidate with interest in abdominal imaging and another subspecialty, often cardiothoracic/cardiac imaging.

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Clinical Experience and Curriculum

Our fellows interpret cases entirely within the Milstein Hospital Building on the main NYP/CUIMC campus, though fellows will be able to read a combination of inpatient and outpatient studies from two offsite hospitals and multiple outpatient facilities. The fellowship typically consists of 3.5 months of MRI, 3.5 months of CT, three months of ultrasound, one month of elective and one month of vacation with slight variation in total time depending on fellow preference.   

Electives are flexible and tailored to match the interests of the fellow. Our past fellows have taken advantage of available electives in neuroradiology, pediatric radiology, interventional radiology, mammography, nuclear medicine, cardiac imaging, and thoracic imaging.

Fellows Lecture and Clinical Conferences

Our formal curriculum consists of dedicated didactic and case-based lectures given by our faculty members on Friday mornings throughout the year. Fellows are encouraged to present to our radiology residents at our division’s informal noon teaching sessions, which are designed to show the day’s most interesting and challenging cases. During the year, our fellows participate and take a prominent role in leading a wide range of interdisciplinary conferences, including liver tumor board, gyn-oncology tumor board, pancreas conference, and urology conference in preparation for their future careers. NYP/CUIMC is home to a collection of world experts in numerous medical and surgical subspecialties who greatly enhance our fellows’ training experience.

Fellows who are interested in teaching are encouraged to create didactic lectures of their topic(s) of choice to present to our radiology residents during the year at noon conference.


We encourage our fellows to actively engage in academic projects throughout the year with the goal of submitting an abstract at a national meeting and culminating in a publication with the assistance of our faculty members. All fellows are provided with an education fund to support their academic and research goals as well as five CME days to attend a conference of their choice. However, we also strongly support any potential candidates and fellows with limited or no research interest who would prefer to spend additional time on clinical service. Regardless of our applicants’ preferences, they will be prepared for an academic or private practice position.

Application Information

Applicants should provide:

  • Universal Application
  • Personal statement
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photo (optional)
  • Three letters of recommendation (can be sent directly to the fellowship director)

Candidates who are interested in a combined fellowship between abdominal imaging and another subspecialty should indicate their interest within the application or initial email containing the required documents.

Please email the required documents to:

Imani Dean
Fellowship Administrator 


Lyndon Luk, MD
Fellowship Director


Applicants will be selected for interviews, which are required before formal offers for a fellowship position. Please see above regarding recent changes to the fellowship interview schedule by SCARD.


Lyndon Luk, MD
Fellowship Director
Division of Abdominal Imaging