Binsheng Zhao, DSc

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Binsheng Zhao is a Professor of Radiology (Physics) and the director of the Computational Image Analysis Laboratory in the Department of Radiology. She received her BS and MS degrees in electronic engineering from National Institute of Technology at Changsha, China, and her DSc degree in medical informatics from University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Her areas of research include computer-aided cancer detection and diagnosis; tumor, organ and tissue segmentation; quantitative imaging biomarkers / radiomics for response prediction and assessment in oncology and neurologic diseases; reproducibility of quantitative imaging features; optimized workflow in response assessment .

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Radiology (Physics)

Administrative Titles

  • Director, Computational Image Analysis Laboratory


  • Chinese
  • German


  • Female

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BS, 1984 Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology at Changsha
  • MS, 1987 Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology at Changsha
  • DSc, 1994 Medical Informatics, University of Heidelberg

Honors & Awards

  • Gottlieb Daimler-Karl Benz Foundation Fellowship, Ladenburg, Germany. 1991
  • President’s Council of Cornell Women Award, Ithaca, New York. 1997
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (QIBA), RSNA. 2014


Selected Publications

Key Review Articles

  • Zhao B. Understanding Sources of Variation to Improve the Reproducibility of Radiomics. Front. Oncol. 29 March 2021. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2021.633176
  • Sullivan D, Schwartz L and Zhao B, Progression-Free Survival as an Endpoint in Solid Tumors. The Imaging Viewpoint: How Imaging Affects Determination of Progression-free Survival. Clin Cancer Res 2013; 19(10): 2621-8.
  • Zhao B, Schwartz L and Larson S. Imaging Surrogates of Tumor Response to Therapy – Anatomical and Functional Biomarkers. JNM 2009; 50:239-249.