Call Schedule

PGY2 Residents

Junior Resident Call

Junior resident call is a supervised call ("buddy call") in the evenings and on weekends with graded responsibility as the year progresses. There are no overnight shifts.

The call pool is divided between the eight first-year residents (approximately Q8 frequency). Weekday call lasts from 5 to 9 PM (after the normal work day). Weekend call lasts from 9 AM to 9 PM. Direct supervision is provided throughout the entire first year by an attending and/or senior resident.

PGY3-5 Residents

Senior Resident Call

Senior resident call is an overnight call with backup from an in-house board certified emergency radiology attending. The post-call day is a day off.

The call pool is shared amongst the PGY 3-5 residents, with the majority of call during the PGY3 and PGY4 years. Weekday call lasts from 10 PM to 7:30 AM. Weekend call shifts are 9 PM to 9 AM.